How to Block YouTube

To begin in a completely honest mode and give you answers that are practical, it’s necessary to say there are several ways to block YouTube video content. The easiest method might be to simply go to the YouTube site on your web browser and set the Restricted Mode. You and other adults will be able to access the site but you will have some control over what children will be able to experience.

This may be enough to keep youth from viewing inappropriate and/or dangerous content. For example, one parent was able to restrict access to YouTube after her 11-year-old son viewed and took notes on how to make illicit drugs!

How to Set the Restricted mode on Youtube:

  • Sign in using an account children don’t have access to, which keeps them from turning the Restricted Mode off.
  • From the Home page, click on the letter at the upper right, generally one of your initials, then select Settings.
  • At the bottom of the page, you’ll see Restricted Mode, and "Off." Click on the triangle/arrow, scroll down, select "On" then Save.
  • You should also see the message stating you’re locking the Restricted Mode on this browser.

Repeat this process for other browsers that may be used, because the Restricted Mode setting applies only to the browser you changed it on. You should find the process the same with each browser.

This setting is optional, allowing you to screen content that you decide is objectionable. It’s a basic parental-control method for YouTube.

From Safety Mode to Restricted Mode

Just a few years ago, industry observers were touting the feature from YouTube known as Safety Mode. At that time, this was intended to help block others from seeing videos that might be objectionable or inappropriate to the person making the control decision. It was designed as a parental-control filter, and worked in a way similar to other computer-security software.

The key statement then, and now, is that no filtering/control ability is perfect, though the current Restricted Mode process outlined above should handle most of the situations in which a parent or educator may be involved. Employing a reliable parent-control software is also suggested by Google.

In addition, you might try setting up separate users on a shared computer, which gives you another monitoring step and control over a child’s activities. This means you’re the administrator of the computer, which allows you to personalize use and establish filters as you deem necessary.

This is certainly not an all-inclusive look at how to block YouTube or any other online service. But it should be enough to give you a good foundation for future success.

Additional Ideas

Family Zone Cyber Safety is a good choice for learning how to restrict video-viewing online. You’ll also benefit from removal of adult content, be able to manage social apps, online purchasing, manage screen time, and you’ll have access to support from cyber-experts.

Qustodio, Norton Family, and Surfie are also other great alternatives for parental control software. Any of these would be worth a try, in addition to Family Zone already mentioned.